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visa & documents

In Tanzania, tourist visas may be issued as single or multiple entry permits and are valid for a maximum period of three or six months respectively. As with short-term visit visas and business visas is many destinations, these time limits are the maximum period for visas may be granted but do not necessarily reflect the grant that will be issued.

You can apply for the tourist visa at the Tanzanian embassies and consulates in your country of residency. Some embassies offer the application form online, but the application process still takes time.

Can we get our visa on arrival? Yes, you can get a visum on arrival at the airport or at any entry point into Tanzania such as at Julius K. Nyerere International Airport (JNIA), Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), Zanzibar International Airport (ZIA), Namanga, Sirari and Horohoro (Tanzania - Kenya Border Post to the North), Tunduma (Tanzania - Malawi Border post to the South), Taveta and Holili (Tanzania - Kenya Border post to the North East), Kigoma port and other gazetted entry points.

Visa Application

Please consider the following information beforehand.

  1. Types of Visa

  2. Required documents

  3. Countries whose citizens do not require visa on entry

  4. Countries whose citizens require approval by the Tanzania Commissioner General of Immigration.

Applicants for the entry visa to Tanzania must meet all the necessary requirements. These include the submission of the all important documents to the embassy or you can process your visa online before. Please visit Tanzania Immigration website for requirements and application of Electronic Visa.